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“Now, I have an interesting story for you when i still lost weight when i have sprained my ankle and have been in a boot and on crutches for 2 whole months. I have lost 10 pounds all from Ms.Annette O'Neill. And yes it has been a journey with with my foot but Ms.Annette has made it easy for me. when I have hurt my ankle I thought that all my hard work was gonna come back on me. But at the end I ended up actually losing MORE!! And when I have started I was about 220 pounds and now I am 193 pounds! I can't thank Ms.Annette enough, if I have lost 27 pounds in the first 2 and a half months, i am excited to see how i will look like in the next 4 months of summer.”

My Biggest Dream


I have wanted to share my experience with Ms. O’Neill. I have been trying to lose weight since i was about 9 or 10 years old and i was overweight. I have always did exercise (daily) and i have never got anywhere with it. I was giving up with it. I would lose a pound and then the next day I gain more than what i lost. And now that i am almost twelve years old i knew that i had to lose weight somehow so that i can grow up happy and healthy. So my mom started searching and that’s when she came across Ms. O’Neill. When we scheduled to go see her i was really worried because i had a goal that i wanted to lose weight by the summer of 2019. When we actually started the diet she never made me stop something that i really wanted. She replaces it with something else that i like and is also very healthy. In the first two weeks i went with her i have lost 7LB. I was very happy at that point but i still needed to lose more. I kept going with her and in the first 6 weeks i lost OVER 20 lbs! I was very proud of myself and still am. I really thank Ms. O’Neill for changing my life.and support me throughout my journey.

MBC “My biggest challenge”


Dear Miss Annette,

I would like to personally thank Vibrant Nutrition & Wellness, LLC for helping me to understand more about what and how to eat properly. From the first time I met with you, your kind and warm-hearted spirit has given me the courage to eat more healthy and to be honest with myself with my current eating habits. I love the way you deal with me as a client and you have never forced any strict way to get the proper nutrition needed for my body in order to lose weight. Please remain just the way you are. You are a blessing! Thank you.


YCBATL "You Can't Be Afraid to Live!


I have been maintaining a comfortable weight and I think I am going to continue this maintenance into the Spring. I think about our meetings often and reflect on how simple guidance helped me in such a short period of time. I haven't had an episode of binge eating in almost six months. I would love to come back to see you sometime in May/June.

CBM "Comfortable being me"


Dear Annette

Grateful for helping me. Honestly for me it was the first time that I lost weight in a healthy way. Your support and your diet are amazing . I’m still losing weight without any difficulty.

You are so nice and your smile helps me a lot.

ID “Italian Diva”


Thanks so much Ms. O'Neill for all of your help. You have been nothing but positive and honest with me from the first time that I stepped into your office. Because of you, for the first time in my life I am consistently losing weight. I feel so much healthier. I am utilizing many of the food options and snack options you have provided. Losing weight is not easy and has been one of the most difficult things I have ever attempted to do. 

SK “Sunkissed Diva”


Hi Annette!

Thanks so much for your help! I gained no additional weight since I saw you last! I guess I lost gain as baby gained weight.  My GD was completely controlled by diet, my glucose reading 93 during labor. I switched my care over to a midwifery group and it was the best decision I made. They monitored my blood sugar without instilling fear, didn't obsess over my baby's predicted size, and didn't threaten me with a c-section. Because of this I got my VBAC without medical interventions or complications on July 25th. Yes she was a big baby at 9 lbs 4 ounces but the doctors were wrong to think I could not push her out.   I do believe my diet and exercise regime helped me a ton during labor.   And I think I am about 10 lbs lighter than when I became pregnant! Sincerely  NGU "Never Give Up".


Ms. O'Neill,

 I am just sending this to you to say Thank You!   I am doing very well with the meal plan that you have provided. The meal plan is very easy to use.  I have increased my activity level as you requested and I feel so much better. YAY!!!!!! I had swelling in my ankles due to water retention when I came to see you, but not anymore!  I got new sneakers, incorporated more fruit and veggies into my diet.   I measure everything that I am going to eat for the day, and do meal prep every day. I am amazed because I have not been having sugar or salt cravings like I  typically do, I know you told me this would happen. I also don't feel as stressed with work as I once did. I am more focused and energized. I want to lose weight more than I have ever wanted anything.   NM "New Me"


Hi Annette I am a new client and was referred by another client that is very happy with her success of losing 20-25 lbs with you back last year!  I am looking forward with working with you because it is time to take care of ME.  Regards HIP, "Health is Precious"


Thank you very much Annette!  I am losing weight and my husband's doctor is happy with his weight loss & blood pressure is normal now.  Sincerely VH, "Very Happy"


Annette has great knowledge and advice about diet and nutrition.  She works closely with you to create a nutriiton plan based on your personal needs and goals.  She is always available to answer your questions or concerns or just to share your progress.  I would definitely recommend Annette!  Thank you!  GFI, "go for it"


I went to Annette with a whole bunch of weight that I was looking to lose.  Didn't know what exactly to expect as I had seen a nutritionist before and it wasn't a good fit.  When I walked in the door, I was greeted by a warm welcome.  Things were off to a great start.  As we began to go through some history,  I knew I made the right choice.  Annette is kind, compassionate, understanding, and truly wants to see success in her clients.  We did a weigh in and went over the important necessities such as getting physical activity in with the meal plan.  She really spent time with me - answered all my questions and I felt supported.  She told me to call/text/e-mail her with any questions, including if I was shopping in the store and had questions about a food product.  I left with all the materials in my hand to succeed.  At my first follow-up weigh in she commented on being able to see the weight loss.  I got on the scale for the first time in a month and I had lost 10 lbs!,  I don't know who was more excited, myself or Annette!  I got a high five, a hug, and expressions of joys from her.  After stepping off the scale, she commented - I knew you could do it.   "Slowly you'll get to your goal weight which is the healthy way".  I have to say this has been the best experience of my life; not only does she focus on weight loss but she takes into account other medical factors such as hypertension, PCOS, and a gluten allergy.  She is more than a nutritionist - she is a woman who truly cares for her clients and is 100% there for you on your journey.  I definitely recommend her to all who are looking to see somebody, she's the whole package and more! You found your coach in her.   Sincerely, WAD "Warrior and Determined"


"Vibrant Nutrition & Wellness has moved me back into the right direction.  I haven't care for body and nutritional health in 4 years.  After one month with the help of my Nutritionist  Annette O'Neill, I have already lost 23 pounds. I feel motivated and strong.. Thank you so much for giving me my life back".  Sincerely, IHA "I have arrived"


"Best Nutritionist"

"When I met Ms. O'Neill in 2013, I was at my lowest point in my life.  My health was failing along with other problems.  Ms. O'Neill is more than a Nutritionist, she's a counselor when you need a shoulder she is there on and off the clock.  Always has her ears open to your issues rather then just a Nutritionist.  On a personal level, Ms. O'Neill is VERY Sweet and has compassion for all of her family (Clients).  She treated me just like we were part of her own family on a one-to-one basis or as a group (with her support groups).  She never make you feel unimportant.  She gave the best advice and always and I mean always made sure I was following my meal plans for better health.  So if you are anyone who is thinking about joining our "Family", come on in and get the best new first day of your life with Ms. O'Neill".  Sincerely, "I am Strong"


12/9/16: Hi Annette! Just wanted to thank you.  My Doctor cleared me and I am off the Metformin.  Thanks for the wonderful insights and help.  Regards, NGU, "Never give up"

 7/14/13: “I sent you a text earlier in the week.  I am doing fabulous…..Feeling energetic, pounds are coming off and life is good.  Night sweats and hot flashes have lessened and I’m sleeping much better, KNOW the triggers, so I stay away from them.  Still losing and still energized….You have been a blessing in my life and I thank you.” Best, EAF, "Energized and Fabulous"